Local Tourism & Events

Rich natural surroundings and enduring culture.
Experience the region’s many attractions first hand.

From Hiyoriyama Onsen to the Kinosaki area, there is much to see and do here.
What is more, Kinosaki Marine World, popular for its dolphin and marine creature shows, is located next door to the hotel.
From seasonal flowers to regional cultural festivals, you can also take trips out to experience the region’s many attractions first hand.

●●● A marine theme park where you can see, experience, and interact with the sea ●●●

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  • An aquarium which utilizes the Hiyoriyama Coastline’s natural topography.

    Guests staying at our hotel receive a discount coupon valid for two days!

  • Live dolphin shows.

    Live dolphin shows.

    Dolphins put on a splendid show in a pool right before your very eyes.

  • DIVE


    A completely new kind of seaside playground.
    Immerse yourself in the wonders of the sea.

  • TUBE


    Fun and surprises at every turn. An athletic field for sea creatures.

  • SeaZoo


    A sensory-based interactive aquarium which encourages visitors to do much more than just look.

  • SeaLand


    A medley of dynamic jumps performed by dolphins. Wondrous illusions courtesy of sea lions.

  • Hiyoriyama Coastline Museum

    Hiyoriyama Coastline Museum

    We take visitors on a journey of discovery about life.

  • Fishing


    Fishing that even young children can enjoy. See how many fish you can catch until your line breaks.

  • Aji Bar

    Aji Bar

    Take the fish (horse mackerel) you caught and have them cooked as tempura. This is the place to eat during your visit to the park!

  • Geo Café

    Geo Café

    This is an aquatic museum, where the exhibits paint beautiful scenery from behind windows.

  • Shop


    A range of original products, confectionary and marine products.

  • Café & Restaurant  Terrace

    Café & Restaurant Terrace

    Relax and enjoy lunch or a drink in a restaurant overlooking the sea.

Local Tourism

  • Genbudo park

    Genbudo park

    A designated national natural monument. Hexagonal basalt formed around 1.6 million years ago from volcanic magma to create stacks of impressive columnar joints.
    *Free entry to the park

  • Monument to Oishi Riku

    Monument to Oishi Riku

    Riku, wife of Oishi Yoshio , known as the leader of the Forty-seven Ronin, was born in 1669 in present day Toyooka City.
    There is a stone monument commemorating her birthplace at the side of the road leading to the front entrance of the City Library.

  • Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork

    Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork

    Set in spacious grounds, this park features open cages where you can observe oriental white storks in their natural habitat.
    *Open 9:00–17:00, closed Mondays (the following day if this falls on a national holiday) and the New Year holiday season

  • Izushi, a castle town

    Izushi, a castle town

    Izushi, known as the little Kyoto of Tajima, is the perfect place to enjoy a scenic stroll around historic streets.
    Highlights include Shinkoro, a wooden clock tower that has become the town’s symbol, as well as the remains of Izushi Castle. There are also many restaurants serving the town’s renowned Izushi-soba noodles.

  • Kinosaki Onsen

    Kinosaki Onsen

    A famous hot spring resort town frequented by many writers and artists. It is a picturesque town with seven public baths to visit and old-fashioned places of amusement.

  • Amarube Viaduct

    Amarube Viaduct

    Amarube Viaduct was rebuilt in 2010 as a concrete bridge, but three beautiful bridge piers from the original iron bridge have been preserved for posterity, and are currently being used as Sky Station, an observation facility.

  • Kannabe Highlands

    Kannabe Highlands

    A highland resort located in northern Hyogo Prefecture. In summer, you can enjoy paragliding, golf, tennis, camping, and cycling, while winter is the season of skiing and snowboarding.

  • Kinosaki Onsen Ropeway

    Kinosaki Onsen Ropeway

    From the ropeway station located at an elevation of 231 meters, you can enjoy panoramic views of Kinosaki Onsen. At the midway station, stop off and pay your respects at Onsen-ji Temple. The café at the summit is also a popular spot.

Hotel & Local Events

  • Hotel events

    ●Boy's Festival event
    ●Firefly tour
    ●Tatsumiya's photographic exhibition of four seasons
    ●7/27-7/31 Excitedly, Marine tour
    ●Around 7/21 Family summer event starting
    ●Photo contest in a sea
    ●8/1-8/10、8/20-8/31 Excitedly, Marine tour
    ●One around 8/25 Family summer event.
    ●Photo contest in a sea
    ●Seasonal festival of the Chrysanthemum
    ●Tajima 36 kei painting exhibition
    ●Short humorous verse contest of travel
    ●Snow crab permission
    ●Christmas Event
    ●Positive month event
    ●1/1-3 Family new year event
    ●'Setsubun' event
    ●Girl's Festival event
  • Local Events

    1. ●At the beginning of April.
      Kinosaki Kiyamachi-st. Cherry tree is in full bloom.
    2. ●4/23-24 Kinosaki Onsen festival
    3. ●7/10 Kehi beach opening
    4. ●7/20 Kehi beach treasure hunt meeting
    5. ●At the end of July-At the end of August
      Kinosaki summer Festival with Fireworks
    6. ●8/1-2 Toyooka Willow festival with Fireworks
    7. ●At the beginning of August.
      Kinosaki Furusato Festival with Fireworks
    8. ●At the end of August
      Kinosaki Lantern afloat Festival
    9. ●10/14-15
      Kinosaki Danjiri Festival
    10. ●At the end of November
      Toyooka Tsuiyama harbor Crab festival
      Tanto Ankoku-ji Japanese enkianthus festival