We’ll come again. That food was delicious. Thank you!
Smiling faces and words of praise are the source of our hospitality.

Truly delicious ingredients, freshly-caught seafood and exquisite seasonal foods.
The root of Hotel Kinparo’s sense of taste lies in its discerning selection of only
the freshest, most delicious, nutritious ingredients.
Seafood from Tsuiyama, a fishing town renowned for quality.
Fresh seasonal produce from the bountiful San'in region.
We hope you enjoy the symphony of flavors played courtesy of select ingredients.

Hiyoriyama Onsen, the location of Hotel Kinparo, is situated in Toyooka City in Hyogo Prefecture. Our location allows us to acquire a range of fresh ingredients, from plentiful crabs in the winter season to popular, high-quality Tajima beef and seasonal vegetables. Our hope is to create memorable dishes which utilize and bring out the flavors of these exceptional ingredients. It is with this wish that we prepare meals every day.

Hotel Kinparo General master chef: Susumu Kimura.


Seasonal dishes, served with pride.
Here are some of the additional dishes we recommend that you can order during dinner.
*Please note that we do not accept orders for additional dishes only or room service.

  • Grilled Turban shell

    Grilled Turban shell

    Turban shell (Sazae) cooked in its own shell with Soy Souce. It's called Sazae-no-Tsuboyaki. "Tsubo" means a jar.  "Yaki" means a grill.
    The shell is used to resemble the jar.
    One portion (3 shells): 1,650yen

  • Assorted Sashimi

    Assorted Sashimi

    An assortment of fresh seafood sashimi. It's said that the landed fish is also good in particular at the Japanese inside at the fishing port near our hotel. It's brought by rich nutritiousness and a severe ocean current up for that.
    Assorted 3 kinds : 1,650yen~

  • Tempura


    The tempura is also famous for Japanese food in particular. I think the explanation is unnecessary. Tempura of local seafood and vegetables in season.
    Assorted Tempura : 1,650yen

  • Tajima Beef Steak

    Tajima Beef Steak

    Our area is ancestor's "Tajima Beef" production district of luxury Japanese Beef. Tender muscle and small reticulated fat content are beautiful like marble and are loved by a gourmet of all over the world.
    Steak 100g : 3,960yen

  • children’s lunches

    Wide selection of Children’s lunches

    Hotel Kinparo’s children’s meals consist of a main dish and side dishes like those shown in the photo. Children can choose one of the following five main dishes.
     *Omelet filled with fried rice
     *Bowl of rice topped with chicken and egg
     *Seafood pilaf
     *Soba noodles
    If you have ordered a children’s meal, we will ask your child’s preferred choices at check-in.
    One portion : 3,300yen

  • Qween Crab baked in clay pot

    Qween Crab baked in clay pot

    This is the specialty the previous master chef of our hotel considered. A clay pot bakes crab moist and juicy, so the flavor stands out.
    This is highly recommended menu in winter.
    One portion (Half of a crab) : 3,300yen

  • Swordtip squid

    Swordtip squid

    Spring in this area is the season of squid, when the sea is filled with the lights of fisherman luring in their catch.
    Many squid benefit from being frozen once, as this helps accentuate their taste. As such, we are able to serve up squid all-year-round that is as fresh as the day it was caught.
    One portion : 1,980yen

  • Black abalone Steak

    Black abalone Steak

    The big black abalone is rare in recent years, and stocking becomes difficult.
    If you got the chance to eat, without wavering, please order. Simple butter saute is the style of cooking recommended most.
    One portion : 5,280yen

Select Ingredients Courtesy of Tsuiyama Fishermen

Fresh seafood sourced from the fishing town of Tsuiyama.
Bounties of the earth harvested from the rich natural surroundings of the San’in region.
Here, we will introduce you to some of the select ingredients we use to prepare our outstanding meals.

  • Tsuiyama crabs (Matsuba crabs)

    Tsuiyama crabs (Matsuba crabs)

    Tsuiyama crabs, much admired by connoisseurs, differ in taste to crabs caught around the Oki Islands and from seas to the north. Renowned as one of the finest varieties of snow crab, these crabs are prized for their rich sweetness and perfect firmness. Tsuiyama crabs have blue tags.

  • Sekogani (female snow crabs)

    Sekogani (female snow crabs)

    Connoisseurs often say that sekogani are the most delicious of all crabs. You can enjoy both uchiko (eggs inside the shell) and sotoko (eggs in the belly) , and the meat is delicate with a flavor next to none.

  • Squid


    Freshness is a key factor for squid. Hotel Kinparo only uses the freshest squid, sourced directly from Tsuiyama Fishing Port! We hope you enjoy our sweet and succulent squid.

  • Japanese sea snails

    Japanese sea snails

    Eaten raw, these sea snails have a crunchy texture with a distinctive fragrance and sweetness; when cooked, their tail end in particular possesses a rich flavor reminiscent of foie grois. Many connoisseurs have been captivated by the charms of Japanese sea snails, preferring them to the horned turban, another species of sea snail.

  • Japanese sandfish

    Japanese sandfish

    A culinary delight belying its normal appearance. A tender texture with an oceanic bouquet which spreads with every bite. This fish is delicious however served, whether cooked, deep fried, simmered, or in a hotpot.

  • Sakura shrimps (white shrimps)

    Sakura shrimps (white shrimps)

    This variety of shrimp loses its freshness quickly compared to other kinds of shrimp. But thanks to our close proximity to the fishing town of Tsuiyama, we are able to provide them fresh. They are just as popular in this region as crab.

  • Flounder


    A light fish with a mellow taste, delicious when grilled without seasoning and eaten with soy sauce. This fish also tastes great simmered, deep fried, grilled with salt, etc.

  • Firefly squid

    Firefly squid

    Firefly squid fishing takes place every March and April in Tsuiyama Fishing Port. Fresh firefly squid is delicious beyond words. Please don’t miss the opportunity to try this dish while here.

The dining area

Dining SAN

Modern dining in the style of an old Japanese house with a high-beamed ceiling, this restaurant’s refined design complements the contrast between views of green pine trees and the Sea of Japan from its windows. Relax and enjoy the ultimate in luxury as you sip a cup of the finest Tajima sake and watch fresh ingredients from the San’in region being prepared in the restaurant’s dynamic open kitchen.


A restaurant with private rooms where you can dine in a relaxing atmosphere while gazing at the lights of fishing boats out at sea.

Banquet hall

There are six Japanese style banqueting halls and one Convention hall, both large and small, catering for diverse styles, both Japanese and Western.