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Sales manager Nobuaki Imazu
Registered office 1090 Seto, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo JAPAN Zip:669-6192
Tel +81-796-28-2111
Fax +81-796-28-2122
Opening hours 9:00~21:00 JST [ GMT +09:00 ]
Site Name Hotel KINPARO
Email address
Price The price changes with a stay plan, please confirm the stay plan.
Currency Japanese YEN (JPY)
Reservation It's indicated on a "Reservation & Accommodation fee" page.
Method of payment Local settlement: When checking out, please pay in cash or a credit card.
Pre-settlement: Please settle with a credit card at the time of reservation completion.
Formation of reservation When making a hotel reservation in a local settlement, guidance of reservation completion is formation in the time shown to a customer side screen.
When making a reservation in a Pre-settlement , reservation is formed in the time when a settlement of a credit card has been completed.
Other charges When checking out, please pay in cash or a credit card.
Age limit Staying overnight only by less than 18-year-old minor by a law is prohibited.
Return and Repayment After using our hotel, the return and the repayment are impossible. After checking it carefully before use, please make a reservation.
Cancellation and refund Refer to Terms and Conditions for "Accommodation Contract".