Hot springs

Hiyoriyama Onsen, a hot spring that will warm you to the core and leave your skin feeling smooth and supple.
Enjoy a moment of bliss as you immerse your body in steaming hot spring water, caressed by the ocean breeze and the sound of the sea.

Refresh your mind and body in an outstanding hot spring boasting magnificent panoramic views of the Sea of Japan.
This popular hot spring, a blessing from nature welling up since time immemorial, possesses a slight saline content that will improve your skin complexion and leave you feeling warm long after you step out of the bath.

Open-air Bath

  • Open-air Bath for Ladies

  • Open-air Bath for Gentlemen

Large communal Bath

  • Large communal Bath for Ladies "OTOHIME"

  • Large communal Bath for Gentlemen "URASHIMA"

About Hiyoriyama Onsen

A hot spring gushing up for over 20,000 years.

Our hot spring is drawn from a unique source, called Hiyoriyama Onsen, also known as “fossil water” because it wells up from ground layers dating back 20,000 years. With high concentrations of sodium, it is renowned for its high temperature that provides long-lasting warmth. Please take a dip and enjoy this natural blessing of San'in Kaigan Geopark.

Hiyoriyama Onsen, a hot spring that will warm you to the core.

■Water source Hiyoriyama Onsen
■Water qualities Sodium-/calcium-chloride spring
■Effective for Women’s diseases, movement disorders, wounds, neuralgia
■Hours 15:00~1:00、6:00~10:00
Pregnant women are generally not advised to bathe in public baths. The water in our hot spring has a particularly high saline content, which enhances the warming properties of the water. As such, you may become dizzy if you spend too long in the bath, so please ensure to use our hot spring in moderation.
After a bath living area
After your bath, enter the changing room and quench your thirst with some fragrant black bean tea or some cool water, and relax in a massage machine, all free of charge.