Views of the beautiful yet at times turbulent Sea of Japan,
the ultimate moment of respite engendered by tranquil surroundings.

a floor of high-standard guest rooms for those placing a premium on relaxation in a refined setting.
And there are the guest rooms in The MISAKI wing,
where you can enjoy a sense of expansiveness akin to a sea journey from the moment you enter your room.
We pride ourselves in providing guests with a variety of options suited to their purposes and group size.
The smell of seawater, the flapping of seabirds and the lights of fishermen glimmering in the distance will make your trip one to remember.

Timeless moments where the worries of daily life melt away.

”TOKIJIKU” lounge

78m²/the NAGISA Wing 4F

  • ”TOKIJIKU” lounge
  • ”TOKIJIKU” lounge
  • ”TOKIJIKU” lounge
  • ”TOKIJIKU” lounge

〔 ”TOKIJIKU” lounge 〕

  • ■ Free aromatherapy and nail service
  • ■ Self-service drinks area including coffee, black tea, green tea, etc.
  • ■ Free Wi-Fi connection
  • ■ Selection of DVDs, books, picture books, etc.
  • ■ Range of toys and games that even adults can enjoy, including NAEF building blocks and a BRIO labyrinth game.
  • *A lounge for the exclusive use of guests staying in Tokijiku rooms.
”TOKIJIKU” lounge